Next event: October 14th, 2014

Wearable Tech panel

Jen Quinlan (@QuirkyInsider), Luis Felipe Rincon (@TheLuisFelipe), Bartley Gillan (@BartleyGillan), Kassandra Perch (@nodebotanist), and Sidhant Srikumar.

Wearable tech is not a trend, and it's not just Google Glass. Get insights into the vibrant wearable tech community in Austin from the experts! What exactly is wearable tech? How do you get started? What hardware / software should I learn? How do I start my own product? Questions will be answered!

Creating a digital publication: Velma Magazine case study

Velma Magazine staff (@VelmaMag): Jess Lowry, Stephanie Cain, Valle Hansen, Claire Jordan Dunn, Christine Holcombe, Danielle Selby, Nicholle Jaramillo, Autum Hutchins.

Ever wanted to know what it takes to start a digital publication? The staff from the newly launched Velma Magazine will take the stage to share their journey creating Austin's first and only women in tech digital publication.