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We are a community of web professionals refreshing the creative, technical and professional culture of our craft.

Next Meeting: May 12th, 2015
@ Buffalo Billiards, 7-10pm for designers

Julia Lopez-Mobilia , @juliachirps, Retail Me Not visual designer

Are you a designer who wants to learn more about code? is a handy website that makes code accessible and immediately visual for users. Julia will break down how anyone can use Codepen to deconstruct existing code, get inspired to create projects and learn a little along the way.

How to be a keyboard ninja

Una Kraveats, @una, IBM Design developer

When Una first started her dev career, she always looked up to people who never touched their mouse. It’s quicker, more efficient, and frankly pretty bad ass. Una set out to learn how to do it, and now she's here to teach it. She'll focus on workstations and tools used every day, including working with the Sublime Text editor, using command line, and writing our own terminal aliases to customize work flows.

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