Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 8 at 7pm

Use web technology you already know to build amazing robots!

Presented by Kassandra Perch (@kassandra_perch), developer at RetailMeNot

Hardware applications are becoming increasingly accessible to all kinds of developers--including web developers. Node, node-serialport and V8 have allowed huge strides, allowing folks with a grasp of javascript to build robotics projects. Kassandra will discuss how to use the HTML, CSS and JS you already know to write code for physical devices, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more.

2-D tools for 3-D printing

Presented by Andrew Stalick (@Andrew Stalick), senior UI engineer at RetailMeNot

Ever wanted to know more about the wider world of tools that take 3-D printing to the next level? Andrew will talk about working with downloaded shapes, modeling your own shapes, and laser scanning physical objects. He'll also look at slicers and printer control software.

A huge thanks to ShipStation for sponsoring!

Where: Buffalo Billiards (on second floor)

201 E 6th St,
Austin, Texas 78701

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