Data-Driven Product and The Happiness Metric

Drive Revenue with a Data-Driven Product
Michelle Greer
How do SaaS companies like Dropbox, Slack, and Github crush revenue figures when they have small Sales Teams and a free price tag? This talk explains what Product, Engineering, and Marketing Teams need to consider to go freemium. We’ll go over the requirements, metrics, tools, and gotchas of this model. We’ll also compare how a freemium model evolves as your company grows from startup to major player in the space. By the end of this talk, you, as a builder, should feel empowered. Good companies should be driven by data and good products – not by giant teams of enterprise salespeople!

Using the Happiness Metric to Develop a High Performing Team
Dan Corbin
Learn how incorporating the Happiness Metric into your continuous improvement process can result in a more focused, productive, and collaborative team. We’ll discuss concrete ways you can use the metric to improve systemic issues which will result in not only in better team morale but more satisfied customers.

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