Refresh Austin

Refresh Austin, April Meeting!
April 12, 2016 – @ Buffalo Billiards 7pm

Copywriting with Git
Michael Neal, UI / UX Designer (@iammichaelneal)

Attention copywriters and creative writers! Do you find yourself roaming from platform to platform, purchasing app after app, in search for the perfect distraction free writing environment that also accommodates your revision workflow, supporting experimental drafts and multiple collaborators? Why not build your own? Come see what the buzz is all about at this refresh talk, we'll lightly cover what it is like to use the free tools that developers use everyday and how you can use these tools to create your own personalized, distributable, distraction-free, writing environment for free.

Life after bootcamp: fighting stigma, and continuing your education.

Last year, we talked to fresh-off-the-boat bootcamp grads as they started their career in tech. We thought we'd do a follow-up, and talk to other bootcamp grads who have been out of the bootcamp for a much longer time, or are even in their second job after bootcamp. How are they navigating their tech careers, do they face any stigma for being a bootcamp grad, and how to they keep their skills sharp?

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