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Next Meeting: October 13th, 2015
@ Buffalo Billiards, 7-10pm

Nail that tech interview! Navigating the tech hiring process

Amanda Contreras, @AmandaContrer18, Talent Advocate, Hired; Britt Ballard, @brittballard, Development Director, thoughtbot; Mike Minecki, @mirzu, Director of Technology, Four Kitchens; Travis Swicegood, @tswicegood, Campus Director, The Iron Yard, Austin.

Finding good tech talent is hard. Vetting a potential candidate's tech skills is a process we don't tend to agree on in the tech community. Some favor whiteboarding, others coding challenges. Our panel of experts will share their thoughts and process on how they handle hiring tech talent. We'll talk about the DOs, the DON'Ts, and the OMG I can't believe you did that. We'll also provide advice to those in the job market on how to navigate it, and best present themselves for potential employers.

On the Edge: Introducing the new browser and rendering engine from Microsoft

Ryan Joy, @atxryan, Startup Evangelist, Microsoft

Literally thousands of changes have been made to jettison the legacy of the IE past and to dramatically improve support for the web of today and tomorrow. Learn about the new capabilities in Edge and what this means for web developers everywhere. Topics covered: Why?! How do I test on my Mac? What's new / better? Is it just IE with a new name? No, seriously, WHYYY?! Wait, what do you mean it has the best & latest ES6 / JavaScript features? So, like, seriously CSS animations are great? ASM.js is in there?!?

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