Refresh Austin

Next Meeting: November 10th, 2015
@ Buffalo Billiards, 7-10pm

Website kaizen: simple methods for improving your site

Judd Lyon, Lyon Digital LLC, @juddlyon

Based on site audit data from over 60,000 websites and more than a decade in the web dev trenches, this presentation outlines practical processes and techniques for making your website more effective. Topics covered include: using the 80/20 rule to avoid paralysis by analysis, improving workflows in order to fight entropy, and convincing stakeholders to take action.

Creating your own CDN

Ian Carrico, Vox Media, @iamcarrico

One of the biggest factors in the performance of a site is the latency between the user and the server. The best way to decrease latency is to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), but sometimes standard products won't always fit within your needs. This is how I built my own!

You will learn: Why it is so important to get content to the user, managing several different servers with Ansible playbooks, setting up Amazon's DNS (Route 53) to handle latency-based DNS, deploying to multiple servers at once with

About Refresh Austin

We are a community of web professionals refreshing the creative, technical and professional culture of our craft.

We meet the second Tuesday of every month at Buffalo Billiard's, 7PM.

Our format includes plenty of networking time, an open mic to announce if you're looking to hire / looking for work, and two speakers each month.